4 Services We Offer

Services We Offer

What Services Will Be Offered?

The main services provided will be:

  1. Peaceful accommodation for dying people who wish to focus on the spiritual and emotional aspects in their last weeks
  2. Accommodation and support for their carers
  3. Warmhearted palliative care, from trained volunteers and health professionals, generally without the disturbance of repeated medical interventions
  4. Spiritual support appropriate to the beliefs of the dying person
Our ‘Model of Care’

Objectives of the Model of Care

The Model of Care defines the way our services are delivered, both in broad scope and in detail.

It outlines best practice care and services for the client, covering admission, period of admission, discharge or death.

It is a guide for the Centre organisers and staff as to the standards of care and the type of care, to be provided.

It aims to ensure the right care, in a safe and appropriate environment that meets the needs of the client, their family and/or carers, the visiting professionals, and the volunteer staff.

The Model of Care is a comprehensive document available on request. It is summarised in the ‘Service Guide

* View or download the Service Guide (7 pages)