6 Donors and Volunteers

Donors and Volunteers

Their Critical Importance

The two key ingredients that will make the Pure Land Centre possible are ‘donors’ and ‘volunteers’.

Initially at least the Centre will not be eligible for government subsidies, as is the case, for example, for conventional hospices. This shortfall in funding will have to made up from donations from individuals and from charitable foundations.

In order to keep costs down and in order to create a truly friendly and caring atmosphere, the Centre will rely on the services of volunteers, who will work in a variety of roles.

How to Donate

The money required to launch the Pure Land Centre’s Pilot Project and then to maintain it for three years is expected to come mainly from the generosity of private donors. Our targets are challenging: for example, we require at least $300,000 for the Pilot Project.

Whatever you can afford will be of great help. As it stands, donations to the Pure Land Centre are NOT tax-deductible. Later on, we hope they will be.

Another way to donate is to help us secure premises for the Pilot Trial. The Pure Land Centre’s plan is to proceed in two main stages: a pilot trial, and then, if that is successful, securing land to build a centre.

The ideal premises for the pilot trial would have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, one of which should be suitable for the client. If you can help please email us at admin@purelandcentre.org or send a message to 0431 213 111.

Another option is for you to offer a private loan to the Pure Land Centre. Please email us at admin@purelandcentre.org or send a message to 0431 213 111.

How to Become a ‘Friend’

Show your interest and support in the Pure Land Centre by registering to receive our occasional email progress reports and invitations to special functions.

To become a ‘Friend of the Pure Land Centre’ at no charge please go to “STAY IN TOUCH”.

How to Become a ‘Member’

To show your support for and commitment to the Pure Land Centre it is worthwhile becoming a ‘Member’. Members have the right to vote and become Committee Members. Currently, membership is free. To become a member, you need to be nominated by an existing member. To download a membership Form, go to “STAY IN TOUCH”.

Ways to Volunteer

What do we offer volunteers? We offer the opportunity to do something worthwhile and satisfying with your life. Given the right motivation, then from a Buddhist point of view, helping others in this way at the time of death will create great merit (positive karma), leading to happiness now and in the future, and give the best chance for a peaceful death and a happy next life.

Why would you want to volunteer? People are attracted to a team of well-meaning and cooperative volunteers because they are a joy to work with. To achieve such a team requires skilful management and attention to the needs of volunteers and careful selection and training of volunteers. That is why we have put emphasis on the positions of Volunteer Coordinator and Deputy Volunteer Coordinator.

Why would you want to work in the Pure Land Centre? There are many reasons why people volunteer in the area of palliative care. Often, the death of a loved one may trigger the desire to help others in a similar situation. This may be because the loved one’s death was a time of suffering, or the opposite, it was a time of peace and acceptance, because of valuable lessons learned earlier and applied during the dying process. Those familiar with the Buddhist teachings will know the importance of the lead-up to death and the moment of death, and see working in the Pure Land Centre not only as a way to help others pass through this time with peace and virtue, but also to learn themselves about the process and better cope with their own death.

There is a wide variety of volunteer roles required. These are listed in the Table below. With such variety of interests and inclination catered for, there should be a job that appeals to you.

Different Volunteer Roles That Will Be Required at the Pure Land Centre

Job Title

Hours worked per person
(Four 4-hour shifts per day)

Number of people

Expected turnover

Date required

Resident Manager (volunteer, all expenses covered) On-site 24h, on-duty 6am – 9pm 1 7 years 2021
Deputy Resident Manager (volunteer) Two 4-hour shifts per week 1 7 years 2021
Reception and admin. (volunteer) One 4-hour shift per week, either 9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm, Monday – Friday 10 7 years 2021
Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer) Can work from home or from Centre 1 7 years 2021
Deputy Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer) Can work from home or from Centre 1 7 years 2021
Special Care
Two 4-hour shifts per week, 6am, 10am, 2pm or 6pm 14 7 years 2021
Overnight Care (volunteers) By arrangement   7 years 2021
General Care
Two 4-hour shifts per week, 6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm 14 7 years 2021
Kitchen (volunteer) One 4-hour shift per day, 7 days 7 7 years 2021
Laundry (volunteer) One 4-hour shift per day, 7 days 7 7 years 2021
Cleaning One 4-hour shift per day, 3 days 3 7 years 2021
Building Maintenance One 4-hour shift per day, 3 days 3 7 years Late 2020
Garden & indoor plants (volunteer) Can work from home or from centre   7 years Late 2020
Totals   62 volunteers    

For example, General Care Volunteers, including those working in the kitchen, laundry, cleaning, maintenance and the garden, will maintain the cleanliness and the fabric of the centre, inside and outside, and also assist in kitchen and laundry duties associated with the client, including cooking.

Special Care Volunteers, in conjunction with the carers, will provide the client with companionship and support, spending time with the client at the bedside and as they move about the centre. Special care volunteers, within the limits of their non-healthcare backgrounds, will offer assistance with activities of daily living. Special Care Volunteers will help carers set up an altar, decorations, flowers as appropriate, and supervise the playing of recorded prayers, chanting and music.