Donation of Funds

The money required to launch The Pure Land Centre and then to maintain it for three years is expected to come from the generosity of private donors. Whatever you can afford will be of great help. As it stands, donations to The Pure Land Centre are NOT yet tax-deductible. Later on, we hope they will be.

Your donations can be made as follows:

  • Online by Credit Card or PayPal
    Use the Online Donation facility below to make a secure payment. You can specify any Donation Amount by selecting “Other”. Once you click on “Donate” you can choose to pay either with a credit card or your PayPal account. To use a credit card, click on “Donate” and then look for the “Pay with Card” button at the bottom of the page (you don’t need a PayPal account).

Donation Amount

How to make an Online Donation
  • Bank Transfer (Direct Deposit)
    Account Name: Pure Land Main Account
    BSB: 633000 Account Number: 164156283
    Use your name as the Reference e.g. ROWLING J.K.
    Be careful when you type the account number as the bank does not verify it.
  • Cheque
    Make your cheque payable to “Pure Land Main Account“. Our postal address is:
    The Pure Land Inc.
    PO Box 2053
    Como WA 6152

    If your name does not appear on the cheque itself please write it on the back or on a separate slip of paper.
  • From Overseas
    To pay from overseas using your online banking or using a wire-transfer payment service you will need:
    Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
    Address of Bank Branch: 9 Adelaide Street, Fremantle WA 6160
    BIC / SWIFT code: BENDAU3B
    BSB: 633000
    Account Number: 164156283
    Beneficiary name and address:
    The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha Inc
    PO Box 2053
    COMO WA 6152

    While Australia doesn’t use IBANs, if you are asked for an IBAN just combine the BSB and Account Number with no spaces or special characters: e.g. 633000164156283

    We want to thank you so please let us know you've sent a donation by completing our Donation Notification Form below.

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    Pilot Project Premises & Private Loans

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    Securing Premises for Pilot Project

    Can you help secure land and/or premises? The Pure Land Centre will proceed in two main stages: a pilot trial, and then, if that is successful, securing land to build a centre. Can you help find premises for the pilot trial? The ideal would be 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. If you can help please email us at

    Private Loans

    Another option is for you to offer a private loan to The Pure Land. Please email us at