Chairperson’s Report to the Pure Land AGM 4 Dec 2022

Chairperson’s Report to the Pure Land AGM held on 4 December 2022

Let’s start by recalling what the Pure Land concept is. The Pure Land is about creating a peaceful and virtuous environment in a purpose-built, multi-faith, facility in Perth. It will provide homely accommodation and a conducive atmosphere for those who wish to focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects in their last weeks.

First and foremost may I extend my sincere thanks to all the Committee for your unflagging support, advice, friendship and hard work. In particular, my admiration and gratitude goes to Jason Foong, our retiring Treasurer. Jason has been a tower of strength and a fountain of good advice at the right time. It’s been such a pleasure, Jason, to get to know you better and to work with you. May your future be long and happy.

With the retirement of our long-standing Secretary, Anita Field, and of our treasurer, we were left with two gaping holes in our Committee. Then a miracle occurred and out of the blue came Kelli Bonny and Jeannie Foong. Well qualified and enthusiastic – what a wonderful outcome.

A highlight this year has been the creation of a discussion group focussed on end-of-life care. This group considered many aspects of caring for the dying from the point of view of what dying people say matters most to them. Sue Lee and Len Warren developed a series of guided discussions covering physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual aspects. The basis was Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s book “How to Enjoy Death”, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s book “Advice on Dying” and Christine Longaker’s book “Facing Death and Finding Hope.” Ten people completed the three modules.

The lack of progress on the redevelopment of 8 Pusey Street Bentley by the developer Colin De Silva has been most frustrating. There are of course sound reasons for the delay, not least the shortages of materials and labour in the building industry. Having to evict the tenant is another issue. One of the reasons for the brainstorming session this afternoon is to make sure we have explored all options in our search for premises to hold our three-year pilot trial.

Our pro bono architect Peter Jongen is developing plans for the proposed house to be built on the Bentley site. These have progressed to the stage of a draft 3D image. Colin has accepted this design. I am very grateful for the skills, knowledge and effort Peter so willingly shares with us.

Lama Yeshe gave a wonderful teaching on Christmas. Here are two quotes from that teaching: For a Christmas celebration to be a good one, it must be of a truly religious nature…Jesus had exceptionally great compassion…if the thought comes to our mind, “I must gain his realizations and become as compassionate as he was,” then this is the perfect basis on which to have a celebration of his birth.

Len Warren, Chairperson, The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha