Why focus on the spiritual side?

Why focus on the spiritual side?

Our small Buddhist charity is called The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha, or the Pure Land for short.

One of our members is an architect and is putting together building plans right now. We want to create a place with a peaceful and virtuous environment that is suitable for all those who wish to focus on the emotional and spiritual side in their last days. The Pure Land could be called a ‘spiritual hospice’.

Why is it so important to focus on the spiritual side as you die? Because according to the Buddha’s teachings the state of your mind at the moment of death will determine which throwing karma ripens and propels you into your next life.

Providing the worst of your pain is under control, spiritual issues are probably more important than anything else and can determine both how peaceful your death will be and whether you will have a happy rebirth. So dying is such an important time and hence our desire to build a facility where we can give people every chance to make the most of this precious experience.

Contents of this page prepared by Len Warren of The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha, PO Box 2053 Como 6152, admin@purelandcentre.org.au