Supporting Those Who are Nonreligious

Story #11: Supporting Those Who are Nonreligious [1]

This is one story in a series of 15 on End of Life.

Paul’s mother, Isabelle, did not have any religious faith and clearly told her family she didn’t want to speak about spiritual matters. Near the end of her life, Isabelle became quite agitated and anxious and required frequent doses of pain medication. Whenever Paul visited her, he spent part of the time silently continuing his practice of the Essential Phowa while she rested. After a few such visits, Isabelle confessed to her daughter that whenever Paul was with her, she felt much more peaceful and was able to skip her next dose of pain medication.

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[1] Extracts from Facing Death and Finding Hope:
A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying By Christine Longaker, Broadway Books, New York 2001, 262 pp