The family’s journey towards death

Story #9: The family’s journey towards death [1]

This is one story in a series of 15 on End of Life.

Just before midnight, the call came. As she listened to the young woman’s description of her mother’s condition, Lee, a hospice nurse, assessed that the mother would probably die during the night. Lee gently informed the daughter that the physical changes she was witnessing were normal and no cause for alarm.

“Are you aware that your mother is very close to dying?”

“Yes. It’s hard to hear it once again but I knew deep down that the end was near. She wanted to have a peaceful death so I arranged everything I could to bring her home to die. We’ve only had one visit from the hospice nurse since the. I feel so unprepared. Is there anything I can do for her now?”

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[1] Extracts from Facing Death and Finding Hope:
A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying By Christine Longaker, Broadway Books, New York 2001, 262 pp