Twenty Non-Medical Ways to Cope With Pain

Twenty Non-Medical Ways to Cope With Pain [1]

There is a difference between physical pain, which is a physiological process, and suffering, which is our mental and emotional response to the pain. In general, in addition to physical pain, there is mental pain, from a mind agitated and disturbed by negative thoughts.

Between 2008 and 2012 members of the Wheel of Life Palliative Care Support Group at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre collected from various sources twenty non-medical ways that people had found useful in trying to cope with their pain.

Here are three of those methods:

  • Realize that there may be others who are experiencing similar or even greater pain than you. Generate the wish that they may be freed from their pain.
  • Realize that reacting to your pain with anger, frustration or despair will not help ease the pain.
  • Given that your pain is not over yet, decide that you will tolerate and accept it. Then you will no longer be its victim.

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[1] Contents of this page prepared by Len Warren for The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha, November 2018. Content assembled by Wheel of Life, Hayagriva Buddhist Centre, 64 Banksia Terrace, Kensington 6151, Western Australia, 2008-1012.