The Nine-Point Death Meditation

The Nine-Point Death Meditation [1]

The nine-point meditation on death is a powerful meditation that can motivate you into studying and practising the spiritual teachings. You can overcome your laziness. You can decide: “I must not postpone my practice day after day because something more important crops up.”

The nine main points are summarised below. For a MORE detailed explanation of their meaning, see The Nine-Point Death Meditation

Death is certain: no power in the universe can stop death; with every moment that passes I come closer to my death; the free time I have left in my life to study and practise the spiritual teachings is extremely limited.

The time of death is most uncertain: the lifespan in our realm and time is uncertain; the things that kill us are many, the things that keep us alive are few; in general, the body is extremely fragile.

Only my mental and spiritual qualities will help at the time of death: no money or possessions can help me; family and friends cannot help; not even my own body can help me at the time of death.

[1] From: Extended Lam-Rim Outlines: Beginners’ Meditation Guide, compiled by Karin Valham, Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, 2007, (Page 24) and Venerable Thubten Dondrub’s teachings at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre. Presented by Len Warren to 24th Annual Reiki Day on 1 July 2018.