The Harp Concert 14 Jul 2018

Harpist: Shamarra de Tissera
Venue: Hayagriva Buddhist Centre
64 Banksia Terrace, Kensington WA

Donation: $30 p.p.

On Saturday 14 July the Pure Land Project will present something very special, The Harp Concert, with harpist Shamarra de Tissera.

Book and Pay Online using the form below

This is our first fundraising event and we would be so pleased to see you and your family or friends on the night. The hall at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre holds about 70 people so if you want to reserve seats, please use our online booking form below.


6:45 pm


7:00 pm

Start of concert
The Healing Power of Sound and Silence

7:45 pm

During supper, you can experience the Reverie Harp

8:15 pm

Optional Extra (for those who wish to stay longer)
Loving Voices at the Bedside

9:00 pm


The Harp Concert – Sat 14 July 2018 from 7pm with harpist Shamarra de Tissera at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre, 64 Banksia Terrace, Kensington WA

The concert will feature chant, song and story from several Buddhist traditions, interwoven with an introduction to the benefits of bedside music and the Reverie Harp.

Shamarra de Tissera is the President of the Harp Society of Western Australia, runs a private music studio teaching harp, voice and piano and plays therapeutic music in private homes, hospitals and aged care. Shamarra is in collaboration with Amana Living Aged Care.

Thanks to Penni Sutton for creating the image.

Bookings have closed for this event



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